Law of Attraction Not Always Working for You? Here’s Why…

Law of AttractionWhen Thinking Positive Thoughts Isn’t Good Enough

 If you’ve studied the Law of Attraction at all,
then you know that there is a specific set of rules that govern the work
and one of those law is:  

“Clearly Visualize What You Want and Put Emotion Behind That Vision” – right?

Pretty simple, huh?  Except when it’s not.


The Purpose of This Rule

The reason you are told to visualize yourself already having/being/doing what you are intending and to feel the emotions associated with that, is because this process literally tunes your energy to the same vibrational frequency that it would be in if your intention became reality.


But Here’s the Rub

If the current blocks in your energy system are not in alignment with your intentions becoming reality, no amount of visualizing and energetic tuning will get that intention to come to fruition.


For Example

Let’s say that you want to be a famous author and speak worldwide to sold out audiences.  Sounds great, right?  You can visualize what it’s like to be on the road, what the energy of the crowds coming to see you feels like, getting wined and dined by the people who hired you to speak, and getting big speakers fees and royalty checks.  You can even add in some reality by imagining being jet-lagged after a long flight and looking forward to your 15th hotel bed in the last two months anticipating the much-needed vacation you’re about to take with the proceeds of this latest speaking gig.  You’re really going for realism here.  But the problem is still this:  if you have a block in your field that says that

  • You are afraid of being seen because you’re really not sure that you’re good enough or because
  • You’re afraid that being seen will make you a target of potential violence or
  • You feel like you don’t deserve to have your dreams come true,

Then no matter how well you do your visualizations, they will never come to fruition.


The Law of Attraction Works on Two Principles

Attraction/Intention – The setting of an intention and the placing of that intention – unfettered and unaltered – into the universe with the express expectation that it will return to you.

Resonance/Beingness – The  aligning of your energy field with the desired result/identity which allows you to receive the manifested intention into your life when it arrives.  (Otherwise you turn it down, send it away, deny it existed.)

Most people get the first part down pat and completely forget about the second part
and then wonder why their manifestations are hit or miss.


Where Are YOUR Blocks?

Knowing what your blocks are is the first step to being able to eliminate them and open the door for even greater manifestations.  Find out where the resistances lie, what fears exist, where your identity is in conflict with the reality that you are trying to create.  You can begin to uncover these issues by looking at the patterns in your life.  Which of your manifestations consistently fail?  What do they have in common?  What story, belief, or assumption is underlying these issues?  It’s like playing detective in your own life.  And don’t forget to ask your friends and family what they see too.  Sometimes we’re too close to our own story to be able to see it clearly and another person can provide a lot of clarity.


Eliminating Those Blocks

Once you know what your blocks are, you can begin to break through them.  For this, you’ll need to identify someone to help you.  It may be a book, a guide, a workshop, an online course, etc.  And, to eliminate them, you’ll have to be willing to do the hard work of really facing your demons and dealing with the issues rather than running from them (which is the default for any issue you haven’t dealt with by now).


If you’d like help identifying your blocks or eliminating your blocks, give me a call, I can help.


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