Personal Power: Why You Can’t Make a Spiritual Impact On The Physical World

The Spirituality Movement Has Been Around For Over 50 Years
But The World Hasn’t Gotten Much Better


I’ve been looking at this issue for quite some time and

The Challenge Isn’t That The Work That We Do
In The Spiritual Community Isn’t Valuable,
It’s That We Don’t GROUND It!


Egyptian Queen CleopatraThinking Happy Thoughts Won’t Get You There – A.K.A. “Hello, Cleopatra, Queen of Denial!”

Most of the spiritual community is living in magickal thinking land, acting like we live in a white light and bunnies world – denying that anything bad can happen and holding only to the light and goodness. But we live in a world of duality and dark exists (not evil – dark – as in shadow, evil exists too I’m just not talking about it here).  If we don’t acknowledge BOTH light and dark, then eventually, the one we ignore comes back to bite us in the butt. 

Light and Darkness In The Individual And The World

Think of the chakra system.  If we only engage the light, we are only working with the upper chakras and ignoring the lower ones.  The problem with this is that the lower chakras provide us with both our foundation of personal power and our way of connecting our spiritual work to the planet.  The physical body is the way that we interact with the world and if we spend all our time trying to leave it, then we abandon our doorway to actual physical change.  After all, isn’t it the darkness in the world that we are hoping to shift?  If we haven’t done the work on our own darkness, what qualifies us to make changes to darkness on a larger scale?  We have to stop denying this aspect of ourselves if we hope to make an impact.

cold showerStepping Out Of Denial and Into Victim

Once we have learned to step out of denial, then comes the stage when we can no longer exist in that bliss of ignorance and we step into a feeling of victimhood, blaming the world for not listening to us or for beating us up and stealing a right livelihood or whatever. “Big corporations, bad” seems to be the motto of this phase.  In this phase, people will find the conspiracies and the ways in which the system is rigged against us.  And these things may in fact exist – in fact some definitively do.  But SO WHAT?!!?  If we are truly powerful beings, then what difference does it make if the system is stacked against us?  This stage has some seriously internally inconsistent beliefs in it and our determination to feel victimized keeps us from effectively debunking them.


????????????Accepting Responsibility And Therefore Power

What we need to do is to step out of the victim phase and into our own power, taking responsibility for our lives and our part in creating the larger picture.  This stage is challenging though and so most people don’t do it.  It requires us to look at our weaknesses, our failures, our ugly bits.  It requires that we embrace the parts of ourselves that we don’t like.  In short, it’s hard work.  We have to deal with the issue of whether we can be trusted with our power, what we actually WANT to do with it and WHO we choose to be as people.  We have to be willing to be seen and willing to be vulnerable.  It’s big stuff.  And because it’s big and hard and most people don’t understand it, we shy away from it and fall back into the victim mode.  Because it’s easier to be a victim than it is to be powerful and responsible.  But it’s also why we don’t make change happen.


Change of SceneTransformation On A Personal And A Global Level

As a transformational shaman, this is the work I specialize in – change, from the inside out.  So much of our lives in the Western world are consumed by things that don’t mean anything – television, video games, drinking our cares away, etc.  These are spaces where we go to kill time and avoid our problems.  They are also part of the way that the current power structure keeps us placated and passive.  If we can each face our individual problems, then we as a culture and as a planet can begin to face the larger problems.  And if you think that making change internally isn’t big enough, think again.  Because each person who does it, is someone to be reckoned with, someone who you can’t help but notice, someone who holds the room because they’re the only one in it who has mastered themselves.  And each of those people serves as a beacon for others to follow in their path.


So the Next Time  You’re Unhappy With The State of The World Ask Yourself:

  1. What in me is a reflection of the issue I see in the world?
  2. What can I do to become more conscious and more in my power?
  3. Who would like to take that journey with me?

Because The Faster We Can Each Claim Our Power,
The Faster Change Will Engulf The Planet


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