The Personal Growth Benefits of Mercury Retrograde

mercury in retrograde(A.K.A. – How NOT To Get Your Ass Kicked by Mercury Retrograde)

Yep – Mercury is Retrograde AGAIN.  
In past retrogrades, I’ve seen technology breakdowns, communication snafus and enough people barking at one another to know that it’s time to duck and cover.  And if I can make it through the next few weeks without turning my smart phone into a hockey puck, I may yet get out somewhat unscathed.

But there is an upside to Mercury’s influences
The times in which Mercury is retrograde are opportunities.  Mercury’s gift for personal growth work is in helping us to clear out old baggage.  It encourages us to update our address books, clean out our closets, and to do the hard, inner spiritual work that will prepare us for the next forward surge.  These are times and rest and reflection and if you don’t fight them, they can be quite helpful.


For me, I find a strange dynamic opening up
Typically, Mercury retrograde is a TERRIBLE time to launch new projects and create new ideas.  And I knew this when over a year ago, despite the fact that they were complete and ready to go, I had been unable to bring my new product and e-book to the market.  I just couldn’t find the energy to write the web page and put them up.  It just wasn’t there.  I also couldn’t get the energy to write my blog or work on my next book.  But the minute that Mercury went retrograde, all of these energies opened up and I was writing and launching like a mad woman.  I couldn’t understand it.  Normally this is the exact opposite of how things work.  And then I realized it.

My work is all about helping people go inside and do the hard personal growth work to prepare for the next stage of growth.  OF COURSE it was going to flow better during the retrograde cycle.  

Taking Advantage of The Energies
I hope that it isn’t a challenging cycle for you (although given Mercury’s tendencies, it probably will be – sorry!  I don’t make the news, I only report it.).  But if you want the next few weeks to be easier, try taking a little down time and doing some introspection.  Clean out your metaphorical (and/or physical) closets.  Close up old energies, do your own personal growth work, and get prepared for the next surge forward.  You’ll be happy you did when it turns direct again.

If you’d like some help getting those energies unearthed, sign up for an Energy Scan.  In it, I’ll tell you what energies need your attention and help you focus in the right areas to get your work on track again.


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