May 21, 2014

The Law of Attraction In Action – When Down Time Pays Off

Kelle Sparta

MassageThe Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work If You’re Stressed Out

I’ve known for a while now that the more stressed I get, the less well the law of attraction works for me.  Why?  Because when I get stressed, I go into control mode  (sound familiar?) and that takes me right out of the flow and my intuition which is where the law of attraction operates.

So this past week when I was really stressed because of a lot of changes in my life, my money flow shut down almost completely.  Checks didn’t show up, regular charges that are never a problem got declined, and the more I tried to control it, the worse it got.  You’d think I’d know by now that this stuff doesn’t work, but when I’m stressed, I go into my childhood patterns and it takes slowing down a bit to recognize what is happening.


I’d Been Getting The Message For a While To Take Some Down Time

So Monday, after two weeks of working too hard, helping my boyfriend move in with me, and cooking and cleaning for his birthday party, I treated myself to a day at the spa.  (Yes, even though the money had shut down, I KNEW that relaxing would open it back up again.)  I got a body scrub, a facial, and a massage.  The owner of the spa talked to me as I waited and asked about what I did for work.  I told her I was a shaman specializing in helping people (usually women) find their personal power and self love.  We talked about the upcoming retreats that I am doing with my friend Kathy Scheiern (another transformational shaman) and about the talk that I give about Maintaining Your Personal Power During Stressful Situations.

She was enthusiastic.  She suggested that we meet for lunch and talk about exchanging links on our sites and about me doing a program for her clients at the spa.  So I went in to take some much-needed down time and came out with a lead to talk directly to people in my target market.  (And, because I talked business, I’m going to write off the whole trip as a tax deduction!)  Plus, in the last two days, the charges that didn’t go through, now have and I’ve made a few more sales as well.  I love when the law of attraction works for me!


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