The Law of Attraction In Action

Infinity G35xI’m often known as the Queen of Manifestation and that’s because I do a lot of work with the Law of Attraction.  As such, my life tends to be pretty magickal at times.  Here’s an example of that.

Yesterday, I sat down for dinner with my boyfriend, Jeff, and his old roommate, Mike.  We were talking about how Mike was looking for a new car – preferably with a standard transmission because he wanted to learn how to drive one.  But if he couldn’t find a standard transmission car, he’d want something much nicer than what he has now.

The conversation shifted and we started talking about other things.  A new group was seated just behind him in the restaurant- two women.  In between our conversation, I overheard one of the women saying that she was going to ask $5,000 for it, but she’d take $4,000.  I hadn’t been listening before, but now my ears perked up.  I knew that with my Law of Attraction and manifesting skills, it was likely that this conversation was relevant to us.  She went on to say how great the car was and how she hated to get rid of it.  I asked Mike if he had heard what she said.  He hadn’t.  I said that I would ask her about it when we got up to go.

When we went to leave, I asked the lady what kind of car it was that she was selling and she told me it was an Infinity G35x (or something like that – it’s a REALLY NICE car) and said to go look at it that it was just down the street.  We went down to see the car and it was pristine.  Midnight blue exterior, tan leather seats, high class all around.  It had high mileage, but it was clearly well maintained.  We looked it up and Kelley Blue Book said it should sell for about $7200 in a private sale.  So it was also a great deal.

We went back in and Mike gave his number to the woman.  She said that her friend had dibbs on buying the car, but that if she didn’t take it, she would call him.  Now I’m not sure that Mike will buy the car if she offers it to him.  It would seriously impact the way he sees himself to own a car like that.  But if he can wrap his head around owning it, I’m certain he’ll get the call.

Now to me, this is a typical day.  But Jeff pointed out something relevant that I hadn’t considered before.  He said that I often would ignore social conventions (like not interrupting people who were eating and having a private conversation) in order to create these opportunities.  And he’s right.  I do ignore “the rules” in these situations because I figure that if spirit has put them in my path, then they’ll be open to me talking to them.  And this is almost always the case.

So, if I were to offer up one piece of advice to improve your Law of Attraction skills, it would be to keep your ears open and pursue all leads – even if you have to step on a few social conventions to do it.


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