Walkabout 2002 – Self-Care Time

I am sitting here listening to the results of some improvisational recordings that Daniel, and Katje and i did just an hour or so ago. Some of them are quite good. Others so-so. But the whole of it is a very good feeling. I am finding ways to be creative and to keep those juices flowing in my world. It is a very good thing.

One of my bosses is turning 50 at the end of the month and his wife is throwing a roast for him. I have rewritten the words to “That Don’t Impress Me Much” and I will be performing it at the roast. So, here I am, working a “real” job and I’ve found ways to be creative (in writing the new classes), productive (in recruiting and training the new agents), healing (helping the agents to consciously choose the new life they are creating), and I have still got room for the occasional bit of performance. My life sooo doesn’t suck. 

So, all I have to do now is to make sure i take time for myself in all of this. I have been pursuing some new friendships and those are great, but they take time and effort to grow. I have started running game and that is great, but it takes time and effort to put together. I have started teaching my first class at work and that is great, but it too takes time and effort to put together. I am running around, having a great time, but I’m running out of steam from time to time and this is bad. I am worn out. It’s time for a little self-care.  So tonight I am taking time for me. Daniel is out at a meeting and Lorelei is out of town. I have the house to myself. No commitments, no work, no one to feed energy to but me. I’ve got a good book and I intend to read it. And eat dinner. And maybe take a bath. If I feel like it.


Update 2014 – I’m happy to report that self-care has become a regular process for me.  I’ve also learned some lessons about doing too much and committing to too much.  Nowadays, I like my life at a slower pace whenever possible, so that at the times it isn’t possible, I have the energy to fly through.

* This is part of an ongoing series of posts detailing what happened on a spiritual pilgrimage that I took in 2002. To start from the beginning, go to July 2, 2013. To see the entire spiritual journey as it gets published, click on the category “You Want Me To Do WHAT?!!?” to see all of the posts.


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