Walkabout 2002 – Master’s Degree?

Well, I’ve called back the real estate company guy. He had just dropped the ball. Not a good sign, but he’s going to try to arrange the next round of meetings (or so he says). It’s a job I could do for a couple of years. I’m also looking into Master’s and Doctoral programs. Once I have some income I can fund the school with, I may choose to do that. Also plan to call my Dad catching him up on what I am thinking about doing. Who knows, maybe he’ll pony up some of the cash I didn’t get for my bachelor’s. At least he doesn’t have two other kids in school for this one.

Cleaned the bathroom, did my laundry, cleaned the crap out of the living room, did the grocery shopping, and I felt so much better for it that I decided to do Daniel’s laundry also. Sometimes the best way to drive out the last of a cold is to move around a bit. I feel good.

* This is part of an ongoing series of posts detailing what happened on a spiritual pilgrimage that I took in 2002. To start from the beginning, go to July 2, 2013. To see the entire spiritual journey as it gets published, click on the category “You Want Me To Do WHAT?!!?” to see all of the posts.


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