How to Be a Shaman – Negotiating With Spirit

Is Spirit Wearing You Out?

Funny thing – when I downloaded this image, it came with the title “Bad Spirit” which I didn’t discover until after I had chosen the image and written the blog post! Makes me smile.

Does Spirit Keep You Up At Night?

  • Does it drag you out of bed at 3:00AM to write down that story that came to you in a dream?
  • Do your guides spend your sleeping hours filling your head with new knowledge so that you wake up more exhausted than when you went to bed?
  • Are they hounding you to deliver messages, go places, do things – without a thought about how it impacts your life?
  • Have they forgotten that you also have to make a living and bring in the cash to pay for things like food and housing?

Stop The Insanity!

Usually our strong connection with spirit is a beautiful addition to our world.  But occasionally it can get out of hand.  Those in the spirit world have their own agenda.  They don’t have to deal with things like making a living, maintaining relationships, commuting, eating, sleeping, bathing, etc.  For many of them, it’s been a long time since they’ve been embodied and they have forgotten how much work it is.  Others have never had the experience at all.  And so they forget to leave space for the living of our lives.

Just Say “No”

But you don’t have to allow your guides to run away with your life.  You can choose to say “no” or “not now”.  Telling spirit that you want a night off or *gasp* TWO nights off, is a COMPLETELY REASONABLE thing to do. Your guides are not trying to burn you out.  Really.  Despite how it may seem.  And there are rarely emergencies in the spirit world that require you to martyr yourself for the cause.  They have just forgotten (or they never knew) how it works here.  You’re the feet on the ground – you’re the one in the know – YOU set the rules.  So just say “no” if you need to.  Everyone is entitled to time off.  Take it when you need it.

Oh – and send them on errands too.  Ask them to send you clients and cash.  You’d be stunned at how well this works.

This has been your public service announcement for the day.  😉

So let’s have a little fun – tell us the most outrageous (or strangest or scariest) thing spirit ever asked you to do in the comments section.


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