Heads Up for Energy Workers

I Feel Funny!Is Your Energy Wonky?

I’ve been noticing a pattern as I have been doing energy scans with clients and as I talk with friends.  It seems that the energy workers of the world are all having some challenges around their energy fields recently.  Here are some of the symptoms and what to do about them.

Feeling Spacey or Like Your Energy Is Leaving Your Body?

If you’ve been having problems staying fully conscious and present, if you’ve been feeling like your energy is leaving your body through your crown chakra and/or your third eye, then this tip is for you.

Grab Onto Iron

Iron is a grounding tool.  It draws your energies back from the ethers and puts them back into your body.  I have an old railroad spike that I use for this purpose.  I keep it on my desk so that I can stay focused as I go through my day.  It’s sitting on my lap right now since talking about this is activating my crown chakra and pulling me up even as we speak.  (Thanks to Kathy Scheiern – my partner in the Spiritual Leader University – for this tip.)

Getting Headaches?

There have been a lot of headaches going around too.  There are three reasons that you might be seeing more headaches than normal right now.

  1. Overflow of energy into a blocked (or not quite expanded enough) crown chakra  it builds up and causes an energy headache.
    •  The Solution: Get out of your head and into your body.  Stop thinking so much and work on allowing the energy to flow more evenly into the lower chakras.
  2. Overflow of energy into the third eye or something trying to invade through the third eye.  When too much is coming through the third eye, it can manifest physically as a sinus headache with pressure all around the third eye.
    • The Solution – Close the third eye temporarily and clear it of all energies.  Then slowly open it up again until the flow is smooth and even.  Also, have a conversation with your guides about slowing down the flow of information so that you can receive it more easily and ask your angels to protect you from invading spirits.
  3. Something trying to get in through the base of the skull.  This will manifest as a tension headache starting at the base of the skull.  Remember in The Matrix when they jacked into the matrix and they put those cables into the base of their skulls?  That’s the exact point where things can try to get in and run your reptilian brain around fears, cravings, and instinctual stuff.
    1. The Solution:  Create a metal iris that closes tightly and lock it, putting the key safely away in your energy field with a guardian to protect it.  This way nothing gets in without you unlocking that gateway.

If you’re having a hard time evicting something that has come in, you can also try holding onto the iron while you work on evicting it.  If you need help, call my favorite bad-ass shaman who specializes in this stuff.  His name is David Franklin Farkas and he’s the best I’ve met when it comes to banishing woogies of all kinds from your home, your business, and your self.

Want to learn more about how to manage your own energy and how to use it for other cool stuff?  Check out our Magick 101 – Activate Your Inner Magickian retreat.


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