Walkabout 2002 – Leaving for Another Festival

Packing up to head out to another festival. Music festival this time. It’s amazing how much crap I can manage to drag into the house in a week’s time. I’ve been slowly doing the packing thing for two days and it’s been five trips to the car and two loads of laundry and I’m not done yet. Still not sure where I’m going to end up after the festival. No plans yet. I’ll make calls the last day if nothing shows up before that. So I’ll be incommunicado here for the next few days. Should be back online by Monday night or so depending on where I land and what the internet connectivity is like there. I’ll talk to you all then!

*  This is part of an ongoing series of posts detailing what happened on a spiritual pilgrimage that I took in 2002.  To start from the beginning, go to July 2, 2013.  To see the entire spiritual journey as it gets published, click on the category “You Want Me To Do WHAT?!!?” to see all of the posts.  


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