Walkabout 2002 – Clean at last!

Well I finally got to take a shower today for the first time in like four days. I did crack down in the middle and wash my hair (I can’t stand greasy hair – as Tra can attest to from the trip to Yellowstone where we camped with no showers and I washed my hair in the icy cold dish washing facility and dried it in 30mph 40 degree winds). I feel much better now and much less like the slug I’ve been turning into here.

I feel like I’ve done nothing but type on the computer and watch TV all day since I got here, which is mostly true. I did, however finish the booklet. I am mailing it out to a few select people who are willing to look it over and who have never heard the stuff in it in person, so I get a real idea of how it comes across. So I haven’t been totally useless. Tomorrow, I’m going to work on Melissa’s bathroom floor and hopefully get that laid down for her.

I’m looking into where I’m heading from here. I got an email recently that might take me up to the Boone area, but I haven’t decided for sure yet given that I would need a place to stay. I’m going to check in with Scot and see where he is again (I can’t remember). Otherwise, I’ll probably head south to Florida again to see Chris.

I’m waiting on word from Rooks Nest Refuge about how they weathered the storm. I’d like to know what the update is there before i head to Chris’s since his place is the only one I have that is a reasonable driving distance from LA.

I’ve been talking online with a friend of a friend, fnoxib, and we’ve made a good connection. He lives in Lowell. I’m hoping to actually meet him someday since we have so much in common, but I think he may think I am insane now since I was so starved for conversation yesterday that I made a ton of comments on his LiveJournal account and effectively filled his mailbox. Oops. I really need to get out more. I’m feeling a lot less lonely today though since Melissa was home all morning (nice change of pace – she’s only been around about an hour or two a day) and both Peter and Lorelie called me. I talked to Lorelie for over two hours! I love free nights and weekends! I can’t say I wasn’t warned, Melissa told me before I got here that she would have very little time (she’s studying for the GRE’s while going to school and working). I didn’t realize how lonely I was getting out here. So, I guess it’s time to move on again on this walkabout. I’ll let you know tomorrow or the next day what the plan is. As soon as I figure it out.

*  This is part of an ongoing series of posts detailing what happened on a spiritual pilgrimage that I took in 2002.  To start from the beginning, go to July 2, 2013.  To see the entire spiritual journey as it gets published, click on the category “You Want Me To Do WHAT?!!?” to see all of the posts.  


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