Walkabout 2002 – A couple of final notes from the road out of Orlando

There are a few things that happened on walkabout in Orlando that I failed to mention, so I’m going to fill them in here. The first is that I got to do magick with Caroline for the first time ever (very cool). Her former neighbors have bought a new house and we went over to bless it for them. It was really interesting with the two of us in our suitably witchy clothes wandering around with smudge and incense and salt water cleansing and purifying with tones while the owners and Caroline’s hubby, George, unpacked and cleaned and chatted. The most un-sacred ritual space I’ve ever worked in for a focused, obvious ritual. That was weird. We also did an energy packet bomb to go off in a year because that’s when the couple wants to have children. It’s got some interesting keys to it, but it should be extremely effective when they reach for it.  (Update 2013 – It WAS very effective when they reached for it.  Caroline tells me that they had a beautiful baby girl.)

Another thing is that Caroline was cleaning out her closets and she gave me a bunch of really cool skirts. She also gave me a turtle sarong in golds and browns, it’s so awesome. I mentioned to someone at SPiRaL that I needed more sarongs and poof! They appear. This is really getting fun. Caroline’s dog, Lucky, ate my feather fan which is kind of a bummer, but it keeps me from having to worry about it getting damaged in the car. Plus, she gave me money to replace it, so I can just buy another one when I finish the trip. She also made a donation to the walkabout fund. Bless her heart. She didn’t even tell me, she just put the check in my wallet. I found it when I stopped for gas. Very cool people, Caroline and George, just all around good folks.

I looked back and realized that I may have been in the south too long. I said “Bless her heart”. Not appropriate terminology for a Yankee. Going to have to work on that.

Speaking of the south, I am safely ensconced in Charlotte, NC at Melissa’s house and I’m trying to figure out my plan from here. I have access to her computer during the days when she is at school, so I’ll be working on my booklets and getting my emails answered. My fingers don’t seem to hurt nearly as much up here, so that’s a blessing. I’m going to try to touch base with Cheri and see about getting together. I may also contact my cousins in VA about coming up for the weekend or something (since Melissa works weekends). I have to be gone from here by Thursday or Friday though since her parents are coming into town then and there will no longer be a bed for me at that time. So I have spoken to Chris in St. Augustine and he is expecting me sometime next week, so I may go down there. We’ll see. I got and email from Mishlen at Rook’s Nest Refuge who says that they will not be open for me until October. They just got hit with a flood and now a hurricane, so they’re evacutated from the house at the moment, waiting to see if they have a house when they get back. So, I will probably not get down there until Samhain or so, which was my plan originally anyway.

I’ve been doing a lot of personal journaling work on this walkabout as a result of the stuff from SPiRaL and from Caroline’s reading for me. It’s some hefty stuff. I can already feel the vibrations starting just under my skin from the energy shift going into place from it.  (Update 2013 – I was talking with Kathy last night and I got a similar sort of vibrational feeling throughout my body when I laid down to relax.  It was a different vibration, but it’s interesting that it’s happening on the same day.  Perhaps I should start tracking October 1 to see if I vibrate on that day every year.)

I called Verizon and reduced my plan to the 550 minutes again since I haven’t really been making a lot of calls recently. That reduces my monthly expenses by $20/mo, so every little bit helps. When I get back to Bloomington, I’ll contact the temp agency that already has my stuff on file and get a job for a week or two to supplement my income. Thanks to everyone reading this who has sent me a contribution for this journey. Every little bit (energy and monetarily) helps.

Well, it’s time to sign off again. I’ll have more for you tomorrow.


*  This is part of an ongoing series of posts detailing what happened on a spiritual pilgrimage that I took in 2002.  To start from the beginning, go to July 2, 2013.  To see the entire spiritual journey as it gets published, click on the category “You Want Me To Do WHAT?!!?” to see all of the posts.  


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