Manifesting Money – Money Is a Narcissistic Bitch!

Money Is a Narcissistic BitchManifesting Money

One topic that always comes up when we are working with people who are struggling with manifesting their mission is – MONEY! Often the reason that spiritual leaders are not having more success in manifesting their mission is that they lack the funds to spread the word.  And the blocks to receiving money are many and big!

Blocks To Receiving Money Have Many Sources

Some blocks are rooted in family stories. Some in feelings of inadequacy. Some blocks arise from past life issues. Some from lessons as of yet unlearned in this lifetime. But a block is a block – and money is all about flow. So if the money isn’t happening, it’s time to look for and clear those blocks.

But Clearing Blocks Isn’t Enough Because Money Is A Narcissistic Bitch!

Don’t get me wrong. Clearing the blocks is huge! But it’s not enough to ensure that the money shows up. Because money is a narcissistic bitch!  She loves attention. She loves being weighed and measured, counted and valued. She wants to be treated well and respected. Or she will not come out to play!

Not Paying Attention To Money Makes Money Not Pay Attention To You

Think about it. Would you go spend time with someone who doesn’t pay any attention to you? Would you like to hang out with someone who doesn’t respect you or treat you well? Would you invite your friends to come along with you to visit such a person? Obviously not. (If you answered yes to any of this, please go back and read the part about blocks!)

Do You Reconcile Your Checkbook Every Month? Money Loves That Kind Of Attention

Money is like that because money is energy and energy flows to where attention goes. So if you aren’t paying attention to your money, then it most likely isn’t visiting you very often. I’m not talking about worrying about your bills or losing your job or not having enough paying clients. I’m talking about literally paying attention to money. For example, do you post all your transactions to your checkbook, balance it regularly, and reconcile it to your bank statements each month? Money loves that kind of behavior. It loves all that attention and the energetic importance that comes from that kind of activity.

Treat Your Money Right And It Will Continue To Show Up

OK, sometimes balancing the checkbook can be a depressing exercise. But it doesn’t change anything to ignore it. And by paying attention, you are more likely to see an increase in money flowing into your account. I have a tendency to grab my change and stuff it into my wallet, my pockets, or down in my purse. But if I don’t take the time when I get home to round up all that change, smooth it out, line it up, store it properly, and treat it well, my income starts going down. Really, it does. And when I clean it up and pay proper attention to it, money starts to show up. Yes, it really does.

This May Sound Crazy But It Works – Someone In Your Home Has To Pay Attention To Money

I know, there are some of you out there going – she’s crazy! Money doesn’t work like that. It’s just slips of paper and numbers. I don’t need to pay attention to it. So for all of you who are thinking like that – are you rich? Are you happy with the amount of money you are receiving on a regular basis? If so, does your partner keep track of the money for both of you? Or is someone else in your family paying attention to money? Because if you are the only one keeping track of your money, and you aren’t actually doing it, then you probably are struggling with that aspect of your life.

Manifesting Money

Be A Master Of Money Manifestation

To Improve Your Bottom Line – Appreciate Money. This is not about being some kind of weird Ebenezer Scrooge. He didn’t actually respect money or treat it well. He hoarded it out of fear and harmed others by not keeping the money in a flow state (by failing to spend it on his employees or a decent holiday meal). I know a master of money manifestation. He pays attention to money. But he does not grasp it in fear. In fact, he tips people with $100 bills! And makes millions of dollars.

Bottom line – money loves to be appreciated, paid attention to, treated well, and respected. If you don’t have this kind of relationship with money in your life, then fix that. Clear your blocks. Address your issues. And start giving money the positive attention it deserves. You will be rewarded – and by paying attention, you will notice when that happens. Funny how that works.

Take Action, Be Consistent, And Welcome More Money Into Your Life

Have you balanced your checkbook recently? Cleaned out your wallet and neatened up your bills (smoothed out and organized)? Are you collecting your loose change in a special jar that reflects how much you value your money? And if you are doing this, are you noticing a difference? It may not happen right away, but like any other relationship, if you are consistent in your efforts, money will come your way.


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