Becoming A Devotee To The Divine Within

Devotee of Inner DivinityDoing The Work of Transformation

One of the interesting bits about running a transformational event the way that Kathy and I run them, is that you can’t show up at the event without having done the work yourself – the universe won’t allow it.  And so here we are, two weeks out from our maiden voyage and rather than spending our time marketing or polishing the event edges or making phone calls to influencers, we are spending HOURS on the phone together (we live on opposite coasts) getting clear on our mission, the energetic of our brand, and what we are truly passionate about (Day 2 of our event).  We did day one a couple of days ago which I wrote a about in Getting Passionate About My Mission.

Focus and Clarity About Who We Work With

Yesterday was the day for getting really clear about our vision and our mission.  Kathy’s vision boiled down to “Choose Love” and mine was “Live Life Full Out – Have Fun!”.  But there are many ways you can get to those places and so that was simply an abstract concept (7th chakra) that we needed to form and shape on the physical realm (lower 3 chakras).  We’re both really clear that we don’t work with newbies.  There are plenty of people doing that work and doing it well.  We want to work with more advanced spiritual students – people who have learned how to recognize when they are triggered, who already believe in energy and now are working on how to use it for their own higher purpose, people who have walked through some of their shadow selves and are now searching for the next step they are going to take on that inner journey.  And the Spiritual Leader University clearly represents those people.  So we are doing well in creating the energetic of the brand there.

Grounding in the Lower Chakras

We are clear that the challenges faced by a lot of highly spiritual people is a function of the fact that they have been focusing on the upper chakras and almost completely ignoring the lower ones.  You cannot hope to affect the physical world if you can’t ground into your own body.  It is the vehicle through which our work is done in this realm.  So we deal with issues of:

  • Self Care, Self Worth, and Self Love
  • Body Issues
  • Sexuality
  • Family Relationships (Or Lack Thereof)
  • Clearing Stories About Being Unworthy, Unwanted, Unwelcome, Unimportant, Unlovable, Unreceived
  • Unwillingness to Receive

Clearing these issues allows for a greater level of embodiment and a clearer channel through which to do your work and so it is necessary to do it if you want to be an effective teacher/guide/mentor/model.

Activating Lusciousness

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been delving into the darkness, into the deep, dank Divine Feminine underbelly.  But I wanted to make sure that Kathy was willing to take the ride with me.  We had already planned a workshop series around each of the lower chakras.  And we had already discussed sexuality playing a role in the second chakra series (how can it not?).  But what I wanted her to give me permission to do was to infuse the entirety of our brand energetic with lusciousness.  Not just the yummy, “oh that’s nice” energy, but the deep, rich, ecstatic, orgasmic energy of a fully engaged second chakra.  If it was going to exist in the brand, we’d have to both be fully on board, or else the energy would shift into something really uncomfortable.  To my great relief, she agreed.  And then the question was “how do we build that in?”

Luscious Planning

Kathy had already done part of the work in infusing this energy into our brand in picking the Boston Park Plaza hotel because of its luscious environment.  And all of our venues will always have this same sort of energy.  Because when you’re doing the down and dirty work of diving deep, you have a right to be held in a luscious space while you do it. But we also wanted to work on infusing it in other ways.  From the courses that we offered to the way in which we approached the work.

Bathus Interruptus – Part II**

So, once again, this morning I was trying to take a hot bath while reading the book Red Hot and Holy by Sera Beak.  And, once again, in the midst of reading this book, I was driven out of my bath long before the water had cooled to write to you.  (That’s two baths you owe me, Sera.  I’ll expect to collect when next we meet.)

** Yes, I know that this is not how this translates in Latin, but I took some creative license – roll with it.  😉

Becoming a Devotee To The Divine Within

I was thinking about how I have gotten here on this path of self acceptance.  Because really that’s what we do in all of this work.  We learn how to embrace and accept ourselves, how to open to the true powers we have within, and how to trust ourselves to be the best versions of us that we can be.  This is the path we travel.  We become devotees of our inner divinity.  And this is the ultimate form of lusciousness – true reveling in the wonder that is our authentic selves.  Laying our heads back and laughing a full belly laugh at the joy that is living – diving deep into the depths of pain and despair, joy and ecstasy.  Not worrying about what others think about something before putting it out there.  Being fully ourselves – without apology or requests for validation.  That is the ultimate lusciousness.  And that is what we are all about.  So I’m realizing that we’re already there.  We just have to keep being who we are and offering others the permission, skills and perspective to do the same.



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