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In yet another twist of serendipity I have recently discovered that a woman who I have been talking to online is the author of one of my favorite how-to books: Screw the Roses Send Me the Thorns (a primer on the BDSM scene). It is too funny how my life works.

I have plans to meet with Andrew (someone from the Starwood list) tomorrow. We’ll be having dinner and discussing Starwood stuff, intentional communities, gaming and anything else that strikes our fancy. This should be lots of fun. I’m hoping to hook him into the circle group to give him a place to go for his personal work and to give the group yet another member for yet more diversity. He seems like a cool guy and I’m looking forward to meeting him. (2013 Update:  As it turns out, Andrew didn’t become a member of the circle, but he did become a long-standing friend who got woven into my life and the lives of those I love.)

I’ve been grouchy all morning because I woke up with an allergy attack that filled my sinuses and gave me a headache. But I’ve had some chai and taken some pills and all seems to be getting right with the world now. It looks like we’ll be heading out to Mystic here shortly to sight-see (oh, yeah – we’re in Groton, CT for the next few days) and hopefully we’ll be touching in with Beverly then to visit (an old friend of mine from my real estate years down here in CT).

I’m looking forward to showing Chuck around Mystic. If the weather holds, we may venture out onto one of the Clipper Ship Tours. (Chuck’s treat as I am still eeeking by financially.) In the meantime, we’ll be perusing the shops. (No worries about not having money to buy anything there, where would I put it if I did get it? These are the wonders of living out of a car. No chatkes lying around to clutter your space, your clothes already have priority.) Then maybe we’ll grab a slice at Mystic Pizza.

We’ve got the house to ourselves for the next couple of days since my friend Ludwig is on his way back up to Sunnapee (sp) for his vacation. I have to admit, it’s nice to have a place all to yourself for a change. Not that I don’t love visiting with my friends, but being able to just hang out and not have to entertain/be entertained is a good break every now and again.

I still feel like this place is home. I’ve been gone for four years and I know that there is very little here that supports my current lifestyle for me, but it still feels like home. I think I put down bigger roots here than I did in any other place in my life. That probably has something to do with it. That and the ocean and other bodies of water everywhere. I love the water. (2013 Update – I later realized that I had a past life in this part of CT that was what really rooted me to the area.)

Louise did a reading for me yesterday when I stopped by Amethyst Moon in North Attleboro, MA. It seems that the work I did on myself and my fears after the reading Midnight did, has worked out. Louise didn’t see the conflict borne of fear coming that Midnight had foreseen. Its’ nice to know that you can avoid these obstacles if you address them in advance. Louise’s reading just let me know I was right on track.

I will address one other thing here though. She noticed in her reading that there is someone out there reading these journals who is using the idea of riding on the coattails of my energy to support their process. She says that this person has to be careful not to use the following of my journey as an excuse to not do your own work. Louise gave me a good description of the person, but I think it’s such a good point that rather than address it directly, I will do it here so everyone can benefit from it. (2013 Update – Well, now that I’m republishing this with a much bigger readership – I think this warning is even more important now.)

I am happy to share my journey with you. It pleases me that you are reading along with me, gives me a sense of purpose that is bigger than myself. It also keeps me accountable and forces me to make good decisions for myself. (2013 Update – this is one of the things I’ve learned in the last 11 years – how to make good decisions for myself and to care for myself event when someone else isn’t looking.)  Plus, it gives many people the opportunity to go on a journey of this kind that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to take. Be warned, however, that I have done a lot of work on myself over the past years. Take what I offer you here and use it to look into your own life. You may borrow the energy of change and growth that I offer you here to give you a kick-start if that’s what you need. But I cannot do more than that for you. You have to look inside yourself and do your own work.

I’m feeling that this last paragraph sounds sanctimonious or whatever other negative thing I can come up with to label it, but I trust that you understand the reasoning behind it enough to not be angry with me for posting it. Wow, that last sentence just blew through a bunch of those fears I listed earlier. I guess I am doing better. Hmmm. How things change.

I will say that both Chuck and I have noticed that time seems to be warping around us. I’ve been gone for a month from the MA area and it feels like six months. Chuck’s been with me for a couple of weeks and he says it feels like double that for him. Although spending this much time with me could do that to anyone I guess. 😉 So much fills our days that they seem to be weeks. It’s very cool.

Well I think that’s it for today’s journal. I’m going to go take a shower and then head out to Mystic. Got a lot to show off about the old homestead. Talk to you later!

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