Aerosmith and Manifestations

First off, the Aerosmith concert was awesome! We were in the back section just behind where the ceiling is, center stage. So this put us pretty far from the band. No too bad, plus there were videos, so that helped. Then, half way through the show, the band walked through the crowd to the back of the section and right in front of us. They did three songs on this small stage area 17 rows from us. It was incredible. You can tell this is their home town and they wanted to make everyone happy.

Now on to the spiritual information that came from this event for me. I do not do well with large crowds. So on the way to the event, I had set my necklace to serve as a ward against me getting overwhelmed by the crowds. I didn’t really notice it until about a hour into the event, but people actually swerved to move around me. I don’t mind crowds unless I’ve got people bumping into me and making contact with me physically. This venue was great because it didn’t bottle-neck people, but it was more than just the venue. As I started paying attention, I noticed that people went out of their way to avoid running into me. (Not too surprising in general, but it was a little more than usual, if you know what I mean.) Then, I was working on letting go of the fear I had of getting overwhelmed and having a freak out about it when I had a guy jump on the bench next to me and spill some of his beer on me. I grabbed the beer and yelled at him to stop. He apologized to me a few minutes later at the end of the song. In fact, everyone around us was just having a good time. No belligerent youths intent on causing a rukus – nothing. It was very cool. Plus, as an added bonus, the people in the seats next to mine never showed up so I didn’t have to feel cramped at all for the entire show. I’m loving this living with intent thing. If everything works as well as this did, then I’m going to have to make more of an effort at setting my intent in advance.

Well, I’m off again and heading up to Framingham to pick up Chuck, then, after a quick visit to see Louise and pick up my mail, we’re heading down to CT. A few days in the Mystic area and then on to Torrington. Have a great day, I know I will.

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