Ideas for capital

Well, I’ve been kind of floating around on the funding idea for the last day or two. As usual things are tight, but not too bad. I’ve been thinking of things I can do from the road to make some cash, but many of them require someone else working at a set location or a connection that I don’t have. Here are some of my ideas:

Write sayings for little wooden signs and/or pagan greeting cards. I’ve already got a few cool ones. here’s a sample

By full of moon
By dark of night
What was wrong
Is now put right!

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. But again, I can’t carry signs and paint, etc. in the car with me, so I can write the stuff, but how do I sell it?

Someone suggested that I do phone readings or phone sex for one of those 1-900 services. Not sure how I feel about the readings part or even how to do it if I wanted to, it’s a definite “no” on the phone sex.

THen I was thinking that I’ve got my jewelry making kit with me. I could offer to do custom jewelry for people online. I could set up a PayPal account and then make the jewelry and ship it. I’ve got some stuff on consignment now, but it’s slow going. So, if you’d like a custom necklace or bracelet, email me and support my journey.

I’ve been visitng with friends for the last couple of days and that has been fun. I’m looking at where they are going in their lives and how much difference a month can make. It’s very cool what they are doing and how they are pulling together. I’m also finding a larger community as I travel. It’s very interesting to notice how big your world can get and yet remain small and interconnected.

I was going to write more, but I got off onto doing my emails this morning before doing my journal and I have now gotten to the point where my stomach is going to rise out of my belly and strangle me if I don’t feed it now. So I’ll sign off here and write more tomorrow (when I’ll do this first).

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