Goddesses – Women Coming Into Our Power


The Goddess Movement

There is a Goddess movement that has been growing in our country. I feel it in the air. I see it in the groups being brought forth. I see it in the workshops being taught, the topics being explored and the comments made by the learned and the ignorant. It is time for the divine feminine to come forward.

Powerful Women Coming Forth

We are coming to a greater understanding as women of who the Goddess is and how she plays a role in our lives in terms of who we are and who we choose to be. It is becoming more acceptable (although still sometimes dangerous) for women to be powerful – in a personal power stance as opposed to the male corporate power structure form that we had been taught as children of the 80’s.

Finding Balance Within

We are also coming into balance – not expecting ourselves to be the superwomen our mothers tried and failed to be. We have taken power over our own bodies and our own sexuality. We are allowing for compassion and for receptivity and for softness to balance the strength. It is only from this place of balance that the true Goddess energy can come into form.


Men And Women Are Different

We are compatible. We are complimentary. But we are inherently different. Women need to come into an understanding of who they are outside of the context of the patriarchy or else we run the risk of defining ourselves by its terms.

Check Your Assumptions

The hardest thing to do is to undo your underlying assumptions about right and wrong, assumptions about your place in the world, assumptions about how things in life interrelate. It is hard not because we are attached to them per se, but because they are so ingrained that we are often unaware that we have even made the assumption in the first place. It is this level of undoing of assumption that we need to do to find our place in the world as women of grace and power. This is the challenge, and the adventure ahead of us.  I look forward to seeing you on the journey.


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