A Newcomer’s Perspective on Magick

Energy MagickKathy Scheiern, looks back at an article she wrote after her very first year studying magick many years ago.  Those of you who are experiencing this might find it comforting and it ‘s a good reminder for those of us teaching newcomers.  Enjoy!

As A Newcomer, Life Balance Can Be A Challenge

My first year as a magick practitioner is now complete. My transformation spirals ever onward but the mundane world intrudes. Work distracts from my more internal focus. Will my job leave me enough time for my Process? Success in all realms is part of Magick, but how does one find balance? And what really is “success”? As always, I have more questions than answers.

Exploring The Power Of Magick Is Exhilarating

I have grown in many ways over the past year. Magick is much more real to me now. I have seen it, felt it, tasted it in my life. The power astounds me and I fear it – even as I revel in it. What a difference in my life! I am no longer that Sleeping Beauty. I have awakened my Potentiality and now must ride this Force. “What’s begun, must be done.”

More People Are Seeking This Path Of Meaning And Purpose

We are increasing in numbers – the newcomers. Look at the attendance at Gatherings, Festivals, and other Spirit-inspired events. Read mainstream literature and look at the rising tide of magical thinking amongst the “Muggles”. The changing of the planet gathers momentum and the Current touches more and more of us – gently stirring us to seek new avenues of meaning in our lives.

How Do You Respond To Seekers?

What are you doing to assist this? Do you channel this Current; make it manifest within your reality for others to interact with? Do you bring new meaning and experience into the World? Have you taken on any “students” in order to spread the knowledge of how to bring this new World into being? If one of us meets you and seeks to share with you, what will we find?

Resources Are Scattered And Unorganized

The Community is growing. The thirst for knowledge is great; but the resources are scattered and unorganized. If you are such a resource, how can we find you? And how can we come together to unite the power of our purpose so as to better accomplish our missions? I have been fortunate in finding many resources who have helped me in my Process, but what about those who are still looking?

A Calling Forth Of Community To Support Seekers

I call out to you to join together in community, and take your place within the greater Whole. I feel somewhat awkward, placing this before you. I have no specific right to demand anything of you; but I ask you to look within and seek out the river of your own Process. What do you see?

Magick Is Like A River – Powerful, Fluid, Moving

Magick for me is growth – a fluidity of existence that cannot be dammed without creating stagnancy. At times, I work at building channels for it, to better use its power. And at other times, I hurl myself into its racing currents, content merely to ride the rapids into new and uncharted territories. I am not a strong swimmer, magickally or physically, and I have always feared water, but I am improving. I find that I can survive the experience and that I am becoming stronger because of it.

Staying With The Process And Looking Forward To What’s Next

I am a newcomer. One year does not endow me with the wisdom of the Crone, but I find myself firmly seated in the saddle of my Process and determined to ride it out. I make no excuses, nor apologies, nor would I expect any from you. I merely ask of both of us, what’s next?

 This article was originally published in Mezlim Magazine. It is reposted here with permission of the author.



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