Initiation and New Beginnings


Initiation Begins With Dying

I prepare once again for a formal descent into the Underworld – another candidate seeks initiation into this path of transformation. Each has done their work prior to this point – on stillness and on the creation of sacred space. But it really all begins with dying… dying to Self and dying to Ego who masquerades as Self.

Our True Potential Is Buried

We are full of definitions of Self provided by our parents, our teachers, our friends, our co-workers, the world in general. There is no room in our psyche for Potential; the space is all used up by the here-and-now that is defined and structured by our past experience.

Initiation Creates New Space Within Us

This initiation must create a space within the candidate within which Potential is given an opportunity to flourish. The old must be swept out to accommodate the new. Lots of words, but in practice, it works.

Transformational Ritual Involves Preparation…

Sacred Space must be prepared – cleansed, sanctified, brought to the proper level of vibratory awareness. The initiatory current must be invoked and then all is ready, waiting only upon the candidate.

… And Consent

The candidate emerges from seclusion, seeking entrance. He/She is confronted – why do you want this? A true and aligned answer gains them admission to this Sacred Space. The initiation proceeds.

Change Is A Choice…

“Death” is offered to the candidate – the passing away of all that has come before. They must clearly state their desire for this journey – with courage and conviction. It is no light task to die for one’s desires – to willingly release the Known for the Unknown; to reject Security for Potential.

… That Takes Courage

They are brave, these candidates – though warned, they choose to embrace Death in exchange for New Life. The initiation continues, the “death” of the candidate is accomplished, the “remains” consumed in fire. All is darkness.

There Is Always A Journey…

The nameless and bornless one who remains is then guided through this dark void, the Abyss, in order to bring him/her to a new Awakening. Life is a cycle, after all, and Birth follows Death as surely as Death follows Birth.

The journey begins with a descent (doesn’t it always?) into the womb of the Earth. Do the candidates understand the correlation of this womb to their own subconscious? Not that it matters; the macrocosm overlaps the microcosm – as above, so below – so the effect is the same, regardless.

… Of Discovery And Accomplishment

There, at the very center of this place, each candidate encounters his/her new form and is given a new name, a new identity which accompanies this form. Re-embodied and re-named, this new creature is ready to Awaken; to embark upon the path She/He has chosen; to join the Community of Others who have also traveled this way.

The Results Take Your Breath Away

They are always so beautiful when they emerge, like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon – transformed from ordinary, plain, earth-bound creatures into spirits of light, now decorated with beautiful colors woven in intricate patterns on wings of sheerest gossamer. Also, like the newly emerged butterfly, the Initiate trembles slightly and moves somewhat hesitantly within this, the newest of worlds. And yet She/He is radiant, shining forth with the glory of new found power and love.

Completion And Closure Ground The Experience

We stay to ground this experience within him/her and she/he grows steadily calmer and more centered. It is a new calm, a new center, from which much growth will come. But that lies in the future. Who knows or even wishes to know tomorrow? Not I; not now. It is enough to have facilitated here, and to share in the joy of new beginnings.

Initiations happen all the time. Some, like the one described here are more formal. Some are spontaneous acts that just happen in life.

What is your most memorable initiation? Please share below!


This article was originally published in Mezlim magazine. And reposted here with permission of the author.


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