Snake Skins and Rituals

Well, I’ve made it safely to Coudersport, PA and Chuck and I are preparing to take off for Syracuse, NY for the Druid event there.

I haven’t slept well for the last couple of days. I was nervous about leaving Bloomington since it is really the first time I’ve left somewhere realizing I was on walkabout, so I didn’t sleep well that night. And then last night I was listening to a tape on Kabbalah and Ecstasy for my last hour or two of the 12 hour drive and I started chanting. It started me doing an invocation of Grandmother Spider that got my energies flowing. I had so much energy running through me last night that it was nearly impossible to get to sleep. So here I am, sleep deprived and on the road again.

I woke up this morning with a chant running through my head that is designed to be used as a support for a skin-shedding ritual. I found a snake skin on one of my hikes with Matt (a friend of Daniel’s and all around cool guy) in Bloomington. I figure I’ll use it to do this ritual somewhere along the way. In my mind it needs an open fire. If the circle at home would like to have me do it there, that would be cool, but I’d like someplace where we can have an open fire and chant loudly without people coming to bother us.

It looks ike we’re going to head up to Vermont from NY and visit with Rebecca (asssuming this works for her and Kirk) and then go through NH to see Lud and Tony (assuming this works for them) and then on to Salem to see Jeff and Midnight. Then down to Southern MA to see everyone down there. Then on to Connecticut. From there, who knows? I’m considering going to the full moon ritual for women that is being held in NH on the 22nd. We’ll see where we are by then and work it out that way.

Well, I can’t make this too long since we still need to go shopping before we get on the road. So I’ll stop here. Blessings! – Kelle

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