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Awarenes Fuel Gauge Aware Rising Improving KnowledgeWhere Is YOUR Awareness?

In my last post, I talked about the first stage and phase of making change happen in your life. Today’s post is about the second stage and phase.

Stage 2 is Conscious Unknowing.
Where you know that you don’t know. Most people don’t stay at this stage very long. It’s a tough place to be – very frustrating. You are now awake. You can’t go back. The only way out is through, so people at this stage tend to move fairly quickly into the second phase.

Phase 2 is Transition / Action / Learning.
This is where things get moving. People start looking for information, answers, guidance – for what to do to help them get out of their current painful circumstances and on to something better. They may attend workshops, join support groups, work with a mentor, or just plain wing it – trying whatever seems worth exploring in their drive to accomplish the change they are seeking.

In Phase 2, people are looking for what they need to learn to manifest their desired change. And when they find it, they start learning, not only what to do but how to do it.

Depending on the desired change (size, complexity, effort involved), this phase could be short, or it could take years. Some people race straight through, while others take the scenic route, wandering, exploring, unclear about the path or their goal.

There are many ways to shorten the journey, but some people just need more time to experience and take in what they need to keep going. Just as everyone has a different tolerance for pain, so everyone has a different pace for change. The challenge is to find a good balance between moving forward slowly enough to take everything in and learn it well, and fast enough to achieve their goal within a reasonable time frame.

Phase 2 has its ups and downs. On my own journey, I would attend a workshop and get some really great information and material. But then I would return home and be unable to implement it effectively or consistently. And although I studied with a number of very successful people, much of what they wanted me to do just didn’t resonate with me. I suppose I was a difficult client. But my sense of integrity and need to be in alignment with Spirit meant there were just some things that didn’t work for me, no matter how well they worked for others.

Eventually I learned what I needed to do and started practicing it. And that led me to Stage 3 – which I will talk about in my next post.

To quickly summarize the discussion so far:

Stage 1 – Unconscious Unknowing; Phase 1 – Initiation / Awakening

Stage 2 – Conscious Unknowing; Phase 2 – Transition / Action / Learning


What are you searching for today?  What has worked for you and what hasn’t.  
Share your experiences below…


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