A Moment Of Reflection and Thanks

Melody Bohl

My Friend Melody

Today is the launch of the Spiritual Leader University.  It’s the moment before everything begins, and I’m working hard getting all the pieces in place.  But earlier this week I had a moment to reflect on how I got here.  You heard some of that in the previous email, but what you didn’t hear about was who got me here.

My friend Melody Bohl was instrumental in getting me here.  She was my rock, my guiding light, the mother whose shoulder I cried on, the friend who was always there when I needed her, and the smartest marketer I knew.  She was a connector, a networker, a goddess at organization.  And I always thought that when I got here, she’d be with me.  But she died last year of melanoma that had metastasized.

Melody and I were introduced by a mutual friend many years ago back when I was a real estate trainer and she was running an real estate brokerage.  We spoke on the phone before meeting and I remember us talking about wanting to have more creative job descriptions for the agents than just “real estate agent or consultant”.  She told me that she had always wanted to be called “The Empress of Real Estate” but that no one would give her the tiara.  On our first meeting, I showed up with that tiara, and we have been fast friends ever since.  When she died, her family had a website where people could share stories about Melody.  I wrote that story up on the site and got an email from her sister-in-law saying that they had found the tiara in Melody’s effects and asked if I would like it back as a rememberance of her.  I said I would and she sent it to me.

It was Melody’s birthday this week.  And in the midst of all of this hubub and activity, I took a moment to sit and be with the fact that she wasn’t here anymore.  I wrote a post on her Facebook page talking to her about it.  I wanted to share that with you today.  Because for each big thing we do, there is always a sacrifice – something that doesn’t go as we expect.  Here is what I wrote:

Dear Melody,

I miss you. I’m finally doing it. I’m launching the program we talked about for hours. I’m stepping into the role that you listened to me bitch about and agonize over and scream “I’m not freaking Amma!” about over and over again. And as excited and giddy as I am about it, There is this sadness deep inside that you will not be there to see it grow and help me nurture it to fulfillment.

I’m using the research you did to plan the retreat, but I’m going to miss your snarky comments as each thing that goes wrong in the process comes along (because you know there will be things – there are ALWAYS things). I’ll miss that cocked eyebrow and that politically incorrect response that would let us laugh it off and move on. I’ll miss you stepping in and taking over something to free me up to do something else. I always thought we’d do this together. I always thought you’d be the back-of-the-room, got-everything-handled, behind-the-scenes goddess.

But you’re not off the hook. I’ll still be running things by you. And if you think those mid-weekday Thai food followed by Starbucks marathon chats are done, you’re sorely mistaken. And I hope you’re ready to travel because I’m taking you with me as we go to Mexico and Italy, Spain and the UK. And I expect plenty of raised eye brows and snarky comments, girlfriend. I’m not a medium for nothing. But today it doesn’t seem to make it any easier.

I love you. I miss you. Happy Birthday, Dahlink!

Every manifestation is the result of the combined energies of those who participated in its creation.  On this eve of the birth of this new venture, I wanted to acknowledge one of the mothers who gestated this baby in its path into the world.  Thank you, Melody.

I spoke with Kathy about this the other day and we agreed that it would be fitting that there be something of Melody’s at the registration table for our first event.  And so, if you come to the event and see our registration person wearing a tiara, you’ll understand why.  Melody would think that was a hoot.


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