Passion Play

Passion Play

Passion Play

by:  Kelle Sparta

Play my body like a fiddle.
I surrender to the music.
Draw your bow across my middle.
Pluck my strings, begin to pick.

A melody in quiet deep,
Your rosin soft upon my sheets,
Steal me slowly from my sleep,
With that low, insistent beat.

I the fiddle, you the player.
I respond to your command.
Lay me open, passions bared.
Play me with your expert hand.

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Riff upon me, improvise,
Feel your way into siren song.
Draw that lick out of my heartstrings.
Do it right, I’ll sing along.

Draw me up into those high notes.
Hang me there in a crooning wail.
Then let me fall another octave.
Play me in your passion scale.

And when at last our song complete,
Your fiddle spent and I replete;
Lay you down upon my sheets
And sing me softly back to sleep.


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