Receiving Love

We all want to be loved.  But let me ask you a loaded question.  If someone were loving you right now, would you be able to receive it?  What if it came in a form other than the one you have specified?  What if it came from someone who wasn’t your life partner?  What if it came from a stranger?  (Would you even believe that it was possible that a stranger could love you?)

In years past, I have sent out an email each Valentine’s Day to express my love and appreciation for those who take the time to read my newsletters.  And every year, I can predict the results.  This email is always the single most responded to email I send.  About half the people respond back that they love me too and we have a mutual admiration moment.  The other half are disgusted that I could say that I love them when I’ve never even met them and they send me a nasty note (one year a woman called me a whore) and unsubscribe from my list.  It is a distinctly polarizing moment.

But I never take the angry people to heart.  I know something about them.  I know that they want to be loved as much as anyone else – they just have far more rules and limits as to how they can receive it.  How many rules and limits have you placed on your ability to receive love and how much love are you missing out on as a result?

I’m doing a free teleseminar next week called “Why The World Isn’t Taking Care of You The Way You Want“.  This topic is about a lot of things and one of them is about why receiving love is so hard for some people.  If you think that I might be talking about you, why don’t you join me for the call?  It’s an hour of your time that might just open the door to more love in your life.  What a great gift to give yourself for Valentine’s Day!

I hope to see you there!

Love You!



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