Why The World Isn’t Taking Care of You The Way You Want – Free Teleconference Call

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Do you have Strong Woman Syndrome?  Do you:

  • Take care of everyone around you (even strangers) and find that no one is there to take care of you?
  • Have a hard time finding and receiving love?
  • Feel overdone and exhausted at the end of each day – leaving nothing left for yourself?
  • Serve as the “rock” in everyone else’s world – the person they can turn to when they are in need, but then find that no one is there when you need them?
  • Work really hard and do more in a day than most people get done in a week, but you’re still not getting the recognition you feel like you deserve?
  • See other people getting the love and appreciation you want, but have no idea how they got it or how you could get it?
If you answered “yes” to three or more of the items above, then you definitely need to come onto this call. In this call, I address some of the reasons why you have these experiences as well as do an energy clearing to help you move them.  Don’t miss it!

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BONUS!  I did a shamanic energy clearing as part of this teleseminar – don’t miss it!



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