Are You Lonely? The Key to Getting The Love You Want…

It’s the holiday season and many people are in the same boat as you – feeling you aren’t getting the love that you want.  It’s so easy to think no one sees you feeling left out and unloved.  And truth is, they probably don’t see it.  They have busy lives too and you spend a lot of time showing your brave face, not letting anyone see the pain.  You’re really good at hiding your truth, and then being upset that no one sees it.

But I see it.  I know that you’re looking at everyone else and thinking they have the perfect life that you’ve always wanted – one filled with loving friends and family, a sense of belonging and acceptance.

I’ll tell you a secret though.  Those people you’re looking at are just as good at hiding their pain as you are.  They may not be as happy as you imagine.  You will always come out on the losing side if you try to compare your insides to someone else’s outsides because you’ll never have the full picture.

Today I want to give you a gift.  I’ll tell you a universal secret that everyone seems to forget.  I’m going to give it to you because I want you to get the love you want.  Are you ready?

Here it is.  Love is not limited, it is not in short supply.  It grows in direct proportion to how much it is given.  If you are feeling like you’re not getting the love you want, don’t go looking for where you can get some – go looking for where you can give some.  And by love, I don’t mean go looking for where you can do something for someone – you’re already doing that.  You’re trying to get people to love you by doing things for them and that’s a strategy that already isn’t working well.  This is about loving people – for who they are.  Open your heart and see the beauty in each person on the street.  Smile and be receiving of those around you.  Don’t see what they could do better or the person they could be if they just did this one thing differently, see who they are right now and the beauty of that person.  In short – become love.

I’ll give you a hint.  This is easier to do with strangers wandering by on the street than with people we know.  Start your practice there.  As you open your heart to others, you’ll begin find that you feel like there is a ton of love in the world for you too.

If you’re feeling like getting the love you want means getting more touch, make a “FREE HUGS” sign and go stand on a street corner and give out hugs – you’ll get lots in return.   With love it’s a “give what you want to receive” world.

Stop feeling lonely and get out and make some love for yourself.


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