A Happy Life: Why Therapy Isn’t Working Anymore

Therapy Has a Limit To What It Can Accomplish

In the search for a happy life, many people seek out help through therapy.  And for a while, it really helps.  But therapy can only go so far before you have to admit that the therapy isn’t working anymore.  The problem isn’t the therapy – it’s that therapy is essentially designed to make you functional – to remove the triggers and the stories that keep you stuck.  And it’s great at that.  But when it comes to being happy, there is so much more to it.

The Essentials of Happiness:

  • Personal Power – the ability to choose from a centered place and to say “yes” or “no” to those around you.
  • Self Love – the acceptance and care of self that comes from truly appreciating yourself for the amazing person you are.  (Not the same as self esteem.)
  • Purpose – without a reason for being, most people will not find happiness.
  • Connection – For most people (not all) there is a need to be connected to community in order to be happy.

And therapy can get you some of the way there, but for many people, it’s just not enough.  Most of my clients come to me having done significant amounts of therapy and other personal growth work and having made great progress, but still being stuck in some crucial area of their lives. There are several reasons that this can happen:

  • They have been focusing on a symptom rather than its root cause
  • They have been trying to talk through something the requires shamanic energy healing
  • They have lost a piece of themselves and the emptiness that they feel will not be healed, no matter how hard they try, until they retrieve that missing piece (shamanic soul retrieval).
  • They have issues which their therapist can’t help them fix because the therapist has the same issues.
  • They have convinced themselves that they have been focusing on a particular problem but they keep getting drawn away from that problem to work on something else because it seems “more important” in the moment (a.k.a. their ego is keeping them from the place that would actually produce the greatest growth).

The Difference Between a Therapist and a Shaman

A therapist’s job is to help you reflect on yourself and to help you when you get stuck in your journey. They are there as a sounding board and mirror only. They specifically don’t lead you down a path nor do they offer options usually. A shaman’s job is to diagnose the spiritual cause of the issue at hand and provide an in-depth, multi-dimensional approach to its resolution. As a shaman, I look at things like:

  • What the energetic causes are of the issue at hand
    • Are the chakras affected?
    • Are there outside energies playing into the issue?
    • Is your environment safe energetically?
  • Whether or not this issue originated in this lifetime or on this plane
    • Is it from a past life?
    • Is it coming down your ancestral line?
    • Is it a function of an archetype you’ve engaged?
  • Whether the issue is related to an internal dialog or self-definition
  • What other factors might be playing a role in this challenge

As you can see – very few of these items are something that would be covered in your basic therapy session. So it’s no wonder you haven’t been able to solve them there.

The Fact Is: Some Issues CAN’T Be Resolved In Therapy.

If you’ve been struggling with getting through an issue and therapy doesn’t seem to be working anymore, I invite you to sign up for an energy scan session to find out how I can help you FINALLY get where you’re going.


“I took Kelle up on the free energy reading offer. I knew nothing about her, nor she me. We had never met or communicated. I wasn’t expecting much(figured half the time would be a push for me to sign-up for something) so I was surprised that I found myself excited about it as the appointment grew near. Kelle got right to business reading my energy field via the chakras. Being very familiar with them I was truly impressed by the depth in which she could describe them as they pertained to me. I remained mostly silent to see how far she could go and she just kept on saying more about me that was accurate, like a psychic rather than a shaman in my thinking about it. When something appeared unusual regarding a particular chakra’s presentation, I made a request she change her point of view on it, as I was intentionally skewing the balance at that time in my life. Without hesitation, she went right with it as I had asked and then we were off the running with the new information included. She never was defensive, off course, self-indulgent or preachy. She never tried to sell me anything, nor did she hold back. It was fabulous and very helpful to me, so I made an appointment. No one was more surprised than I.   Without hesitation, I recommend you take Kelle up on her energy reading, it’s deep and spot-on.”
– Sara Joie

“Hello Kelle, I am still integrating and reflecting on the information you gave me during my most amazing scan. Your sense of humor, your insights and your sweet ways was everything I needed to be able to really hear the deep information you were sharing about my energy fields and the issues there. Everything you said resonated, and I could see exactly what you meant because you were so clear at the same time you were so compassionate in how you spoke with me that there was a shift right after we spoke. I’ll definately want to follow up with you in a few weeks to have you assess my progress and to help me clarify a few goals and milestones in my self healing process.. Letting go is a big priority as is integrating those wonderful energies that have been just waiting for me to accept… Bright blessings, lots of love and laughter.”
– Susan Pharis

“abundance in my life shifted dramatically the VERY DAY after we spoke….radically…even as I feel I’m taking baby steps towards change from what I gained through our phone meeting!”
– Karin Kitely

“Hi Kelle – I just wanted to stop by and say Thank You so much for the reading you gave me yesterday. It was very relevant at this moment in time, with much food for thought.. but most importantly I came out of it feeling a new sense of understanding and purpose. It’s been a number of years since I had any kind of reading – to be honest I’d lost faith there – but something drew me to your advertisement – and I’m so glad I acted on that compulsion now. You certainly have a gift!”
– Carol Elsip

“Dear Kelle,
I very much appreciated being “seen” by you so delicately, yet so vividly, so accurately, so insightfully! I think the remainder of my time on earth is going to be a little more active, more self-affirming, more rewarding than I had thought before your assessment and teaching!”
Mary Leue

“I had a terrific shamanic energy reading today with Kelle Sparta. Thanks Kelle for the care, the advice and the confirmation. I’ll be in touch soon.”  
– Natalie Johnsen



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