Shamanic Healing and Opening To Spirit

Arms OpenIt’s been an interesting road, this passing from “business coach” to “shaman”.  Not that I haven’t always been a shaman – I have.  But I have been accessing that side of me only occasionally, as needed, with clients who had issues that seemed intractable by other means.  But now, in doing the free energy scans and the shamanic healing work that my coach has had me add to my site, I’m finding that the parts of me that had been dormant for the last few years are coming back to life with a force I hadn’t expected.  I knew that when I was opening up to do shamanic healing work, I was running more energy than I had before, but I didn’t realize how close to the surface everything was.  It’s as though spirit has been patiently waiting for me to tap in.

I’m channeling more in my sessions than I ever used to.  I’m starting scans with people I’ve never met and with whom I’ve exchanged a few words of greeting and giving them detailed, personal information about their deepest issues.  It’s been really gratifying to see as my abilities have begun to once again blossom to the forefront of my experience.

And then there’s the residual energy.  This was something I didn’t expect.  It seems that in holding this energy more and more often, it is staying in my body so that even when I’m just hanging out and enjoying the company of a friend, the healing is still active.  I’ve had multiple people tell me in the last few weeks that it feels good and healing just to be around me.  I even had one friend who was upset ask me “are you doing something right now?”  (I wasn’t.)  She told me that the anger she had been feeling all drained away as she talked to me.

All I can say is that I’m more tapped into my intuition, my energy and my own internal process than I’ve been in years.  It’s a nice life.  I’d love to be doing more scans to keep this process going.  Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


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