4 Reasons Why You’re Stuck

Why Am I Stuck?!!?!?

Have you spent a ton of time working on yourself and things still just aren’t falling into place?  Do you find that there are still one or two niggling issues that seem to be keeping you stuck – holding back the floodtide of juicy goodness into your life?

What I’ve Seen
In my work as a shaman and life coach, a variety of clients over the years have come to me to identify why they are stuck at some point in their process.  These clients are often stymied by one particular area of their lives – they can’t find love, or make enough money, or let go of the anxiety they feel daily, or find a way to love themselves, etc.  In my experience, there are a few reasons why people who are stuck have gotten that way.

Why You’re Stuck
There are several reasons why people get stuck in their process:

  • You’re talking the talk but not walking the walk – In other words, you’re great at reciting all the ways in which change needs to happen for others, but you’re not actually making changes in your own life.
  • Fear of Loss – Often people think that they have to trade one thing to get another, and they are too attached to the thing they think they have to give up to make the change to the thing that they want.
  • You’ve been working on the symptoms not the root cause – you’ve made great changes that have taken hold and are making some progress, but not enough for the work you’ve done.
  • You don’t see the real issue – you’ve got a blind spot – one of the hardest things about getting further along in your path is the issue of how to find the next thing you need to work on.  You’ve done all the obvious stuff, but now you have to learn to see into your blind spots.




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