Giving Yourself Permission

Many years ago, I used to walk around with permission slips in my purse. I had designed them with blanks for the person’s name and what they wanted to do so that I could fill in the blanks anytime I heard someone say “I’ve always wanted to…” They even had a friendly little fairy with her magic wand out.

And each time I heard someone utter those fateful words(even if they weren’t talking to me – yeah, I’m obnoxious like that) , I would whip out the permission slip, fill it out, sign it, and hand it to a stunned person who then had to contend with the fact that they had just been given permission to do exactly what they wanted.

When I watched Leah Shapiro’s video about permission last week, I remembered this. I think it might be time to start carrying those slips again. I’ve recreated them again. Thought you might like to have some too. So I’ve included a link to a printable pdf. Let me know how it goes for you. I remember it being a lot of fun.

Permission Slip

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