A Love Note

Mark and KelleI’ve started seeing a new man. His name is Mark. I think he’s just the greatest thing since sliced bread. He’s sweet and kind and caring. He’s masculine and strong and solid. He’s a great dancer (I love to dance) and we share a ton of common interests. (And I have to admit, as a southern transplant to this cold northeast, it doesn’t hurt that he has a warm, rolling southern accent.) We have had conversations that are deeper and more honest than any relationship I have ever been in. And we’re just getting started. We have one of those soul-level connections where you just know that it’s good.

He sets the container for me to feel safe to share myself – all of myself. He doesn’t ask me to shrink myself to avoid triggering him or intimidating him as many men do. He doesn’t freak out when my wild woman comes out to play and asks him to stretch his boundaries. It’s clear to me that if I ask for something, and it is within his power to give it, he will – unconditionally and fully – without fear or regret. And I feel the same. However I can help him, whatever I can do, be, offer, or create, I will. Because I can. Not because I will get something in return, but for the joy of the service, for the fulfillment of the love – offered and received.

When both people live in service to each other and in absolute loving reception of each other – all of each other, there is nothing greater. The love that is created is whole, solid, and continuously ongoing. It isn’t something that you notice every now and again, it’s something that you ride like a wave throughout the day. It’s something that keeps you company as you go to sleep at night – even if you’re sleeping alone. And, in those every now and again moments when it really hits you, your heart bursts with the intensity of the love inside just busting to get out.

And so, today, I wanted to offer you this glimpse into a love that I had dreamed was possible but had never experienced. I wanted to share with you the gift that I have received. Because love shared grows. And this energy is one that I would hope that everyone could entrain with – to help you manifest your own Mark (or Mary) into your life. May love be your constant companion in this life and the next. Namaste.


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