Why Women Say Men Are Not Worthy

One of my Facebook friends posted the following question today.

“women do say that men are not worthy but still they feel without their presence as if they cannot breathe. Is it that they love them wrong or simply the one they love isn’t the one?”

Below was my response.  I thought I might share it with you as well.

I think it’s more that we live in the hope that we will one day find the man who will love and revere us as we know we are meant to be loved and revered. One who will stand by us and be strong for us so that we can be strong for him. We live in the hope that our essence has not gone unseen, forgotten amongst the chaos of day-to-day life and that we will one day see in his eyes the devotion of one who had truly seen us for who we are. It is in this moment that we can be filled once more to overflow all of who we are back to him in a never ending loop of joy and ecstasy.

Some of us seek for this worthy man in the form of a new lover. Others of us keep hoping to find that man within the one we already love. The challenge is that most women don’t know that we must be the way-showers. We must be the ones to open the doorway to the sacred such that the men may enter. We have forgotten who we are and the role we are meant to serve. We have forgotten how to draw the energy of the sacred in, to hold it for ourselves – in fact to hold ourselves sacred.

Many of us have forgotten how to even take care of ourselves – or how to receive support from others. We must first stand on our own – strong and complete within ourselves – loving of and in love with ourselves – before we can hope to find the man (or the man within our love) who can reflect this love back to us.


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