Fill Your Cup

Silver chaliceAs women, we are the vessels for the Divine Feminine within.  We want to be everything to everyone because, deep down inside, we know that when we are truly attached to that Divine Feminine source, we ARE everything.  The problem is that we haven’t been giving to everyone out of that connection to source – we’ve been giving to them out of ourselves – our individual selves as defined by our Divine Masculine (which holds the energy of individuality, direction and purpose).  But this is not an infinite source and so we have become depleted.  Our Divine Chalice is empty.

We Resist Receiving
And yet we resist receiving – knowing deep down that we are everything, so why should we receive?  But in order to be everything, we have to be willing to be part of that ebb and flow of energy from the universe.  We have to be open to receive what the universe has to offer.  We have to be willing to allow it to flow through us – filling us entirely before it flows back out again into the world.  We have to fill our cup to overflowing before there is any for us to offer others.

Nurturing Ourselves
This means taking care of and nurturing ourselves.  Having a respect for our natural ebbs and flows.  Being willing to be still and do nothing – and not feel guilty for it.  To find sanctuary within our beingness.  We are what we seek.  If we can be still and go inside, we can find that deep well of everything.  When we open to that well, we will also find sources for fulfillment outside of us.  Between these inner and outer sources are everything that we could ever want or need – if we are willing to receive them.

Embrace the World – And Yourself
Fill your cup today.  Dive deep into the knowledge of source.  Your source.  Your moment.  Your self.  Fill up your cup until it overflows and then fill it some more.  You have been empty for a while.  It’s time to revel in how full, full can be.  Enjoy!


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