Seeking Myself

In darkness, I search,
Feel my way over rocky ground,
The air dank in its richness.
The sweat on my brow seeps into my hairline
And into my emotions.
Blindly I reach out – for what I do not know.
For an answer, a thought, a sign – something.
The right question must be here somewhere – mocking me.

I sink into morning.
The kiss of dawn still on my face,
The memories of night wanderings fickle,
Clarity still just a hair’s breath away
From presence.

This search has been so long
I’ve almost forgotten what I seek.

Frustration sits at the edge of my awareness
Awaiting permission to rear up
And claim me once more.
But not today.

Today, I sink back onto my pillow,
Bow my head and go back
Into the dream.
I will dream myself into being.
It is only a matter of time.


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