Express Your Appreciation

Kitty Hugging Teddy BearWhen was the last time you offered an appreciation to someone?

Was it whole-hearted? Or was it out of obligation? One of the challenges in our day-to-day lives is that the things that we really do appreciate the most are things that we begin to take for granted. The world and all the people in it are really a miracle. The fact that we have bodies, that breathe in and out, that process all the input from the world around us, that keep functioning without conscious thought – this is a miracle. In all the randomness and entropy that exists in the universe, that we would even come into form is amazing.

And then there are the people in our lives. Those who care for us day to day. With a simple act of checking in, or making coffee to be shared, or picking up after us or sharing the chores. Each small act is an act of love. Be it love out of enlightened self-interest or love out of intention to share it doesn’t matter – it is a loving act and we can choose to receive it as such or we can let it become one of the many miracles that we take for granted – leaving us to only focus on the negative.

Today, take a moment to take in and appreciate all that the world has offered you. Then express your appreciation to those who have made it possible for you to experience this abundance.


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