Walking In Beauty

Labyrinth Walking“When you observe yourself interacting in the world, question whether you are striving to shape the future or serving to beautify the present.”

While at a kirtan event several months ago, I was handed a small scroll.  Inside the scroll was the saying above (it was unattributed – if anyone knows who wrote it, please tell me).  And I have kept that scroll on my desk ever since because I have a tendency to do the former but I am happier when I am being the latter.  So it keeps me in check around these things.

This morning, I’ve been sitting here wondering what I should do for the day.  I have a list of people I need to call, content to create, and a whole host of technical issues I need to solve with our website (no, the invitation to join the mailing list should NOT be showing up on every page.  Yes, it’s annoying me too.)  All of which feel like striving to me.  And so I have been sitting with what would be beautifying the present.

What would beautify the present for you today?  Could you clean up your space?  Offer a kind word to a stranger or loved one?  Wear nicer clothes than normal? Think about it.

And then consider the Native American concept of “walking in Beauty” which is how I try to think of it.  To walk in Beauty is to walk in harmony with the world around you, to so resonate with everything that you meld into it and become part of the greater whole.  Sometimes this means taking the path of least resistance – the one the universe has opened for you to take – even if it’s not your timetable that it is following.  Sometimes, it’s to stand up for yourself and put your own energy back into the world so that you can be part of the whole.  Sometimes it’s about sitting in stillness until something presents itself.

Today, when I sat with my question of how to live in Beauty, I wanted to share the idea of it with you.  And then have some tea and sit on my porch and contemplate the path I am on.  And so, I am off to make some tea.  Enjoy your day!



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