May 5, 2011

Change Is Easy – Who Do You Choose To Be?

Kelle Sparta

Lots of people seem to think that change is hard.  It’s not.  It’s simply making a decision to do something differently and then following through on that decision – simple.  The hard part is deciding to make the change.  Once you’ve decided – you’re committed.  Everything flows from there.  It may not be smooth or simple, but the change itself, within you (which is the only place that actually matters since it informs everything else), is immediate.

The Decision To Change
The sticking point is the decision to change.  People see this as some huge thing they have to do.  They see change as sweeping and radical.  And it can be – don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen and created some freaking huge change in my life.  But people make most change out to be something bigger than it is, something harder than it is.  But it isn’t.

Who Do You Choose to Be?
We all make choices about who we choose to be – in every day, in every minute, in every moment we choose.  Are we the person who crosses at the crosswalk or who jaywalks?  Are we the person who puts sugar in our coffee or smiles at the barista or gets flustered when we trip,  or says “hi” to that cute guy/girl?  Are we the one who speaks kindly to strangers or to ourselves in our heads.  Are we the person who chooses to walk four blocks instead of taking the car, who carpools to save gas (and the environment), who owns up to their mistakes, or who takes credit for other people’s work?  Or are we someone different?  In every moment, we create our own inner and outer character.  We make millions of these decisions every day.  And change is simply shifting enough of those decisions to make a difference in our lives.  It’s the small things we choose that often make the biggest difference.  Do I go to Dunkin Donuts or to Starbucks?  That choice could determine whether or not you meet someone who could be pivotal to your life.

Don’t Get Bogged Down in the Decisions
Don’t over-think this.   It’s easy to get stuck in the minutiae of your day.  Instead of freaking out about it – go with the flow.  I mean think about it, would you really know if you missed that important connection?  No, so there’s no point in worrying about that.  But if you choose to be the person who finds amazing opportunities and capitalizes on them, then the Law of Attraction says that you’ll pick the right coffee place at the right time.  But you have to choose to be that person.

Who Is The Person You Want To Be?
This means that you have to put some effort into thinking about who that person is. How would someone who lives a charmed life behave?  Where would they go?  How would they think?  What thoughts would rule their mindscape?  These are the miniscule, moment-to-moment changes that you’ll need to make to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.  Want to attract the perfect mate?  Well, you need to think about whether you are the person that your mate would want to date.  And, if not, make the appropriate changes to get there.

What You Can Do Now – Today
Every change  begins with the awareness that change is needed.  Begin to notice where you are, what is working for you and what isn’t working for you.  In essence, draw the little red dot on the map at your feet that says “you are here”.  You need to be really honest with yourself about where you are in your process before you can begin to make and real change.  After all, if you think you’re in Texas and you want to get to Chicago, you’re going to head in a different direction than you would if you thought you were in Toronto.  So take a moment to really notice where you are.  Notice your thought processes, the way you interact with the people, animals, and inanimate objects in your world.  Are you proactive or reactive?  Do you take responsibility for your life or are you the perpetual victim/martyr?  Are you generally happy or pessimistic or sad or angry?  How do people respond to you?  How do you respond to them?  Come into awareness – because this is the first step to any lasting change.  Once you find where you are, the changes you’ll want to make will become really apparent.

Happy Changing!

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