Women Awaken!

Women!  We have forgotten ourselves!  We have settled for the shallow depths that the world has heaped upon us.  We have dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of “pretty” and “fashionable” and perhaps even “successful”, if we have dared.  But we have completely forgotten who we are at our core.

We are powerful and strong beyond any ability to measure.  This is because our strength comes not from outward force, but from joy and grief and the ecstasy that lies within them and us.  To the extent that we can feel these emotions and be with them, we are strong.

We are deep – so much deeper than the world tells us to be.  Our depths stretch not only into the depths of love, but also into the depths of darkness.  The strongest of us walk in the places others fear to tread, with only Love as our shield and our lifeline back.

We stand, we hold, we are solid, immutable – until we evolve and change like the water wearing away at stone. And then we flow, not knowing the path we will take but trusting that we will get there – somehow.  Knowing, intuitively, that all will come out right in the end.

We are seers.  We tap our intuition and we feel into the right course of action – even if it seems illogical.  We have faith.  And our faith sustains us and holds us, like a mother, protecting us from those who would seek to question our wisdom.

We cycle.  Like all things in nature, we have fertile times and fallow times and it’s time for us to honor those cycles.  It’s time for us to acknowledge that we do need time to rest and recharge.  It is through these times of retreat that we tap more fully into our intuition and gather our resources for the times to come.

We are more than “superwoman”.  It’s time for us to let go of the superwoman model that we took on when we didn’t understand our true nature.  She is but a shade of our truest selves.  Release her and dive deeper, in quiet and repose.  Your goddess self awaits you there.

Our world is a vast array of colors and nuance.  We know that nothing is black and white- all is a matter of perspective and choice and the filters through which we view it.  This is the utter joy of existence – variety and experience.

We are receivers.  We receive all the world has to offer – good, bad, and everything in the between.   We have forgotten how to receive and this is our greatest sin.  For it is in receiving and being received that our greatest gifts lie.

We are blesséd.  We are sacred.  We are holy.  Not because someone else has told us so, but because we exist.  We are the keepers of the generation to come.  We are the givers of life.  We are the ultimate creative force.  We hold within us the spark of existence and we have forgotten to honor that.

We are sexual, sensual and sovereign over those gift.  Our passion is one of our greatest strengths.  Our choice to give ourselves to another is one of the greatest gifts this earth has to offer.  The softness of our skin reflects the softness of our receiving natures.  The suppleness of our flesh reflects our ability to shift and change as needed.  The warm, moisture of our sex reflects our deeply intuitive nature.  We ARE the mystery.

We are mothers – even those of us who have not given birth.  We midwife, birth, and nurture all in our purview.  We hold our children and the energy around us in a way that is uniquely feminine, and we are the fierce protectors of our children.

We Are Love.  The depths of our souls cry out for love – to be given and received.  We carry within us the ability to bring that energy into form.  Whether it be through the simple act of kindness to a stranger or the deep caring of a parent for a child, or the act of union with our lover, we ARE Love. Surrender to your divine nature.  Baptize yourself in the waters of Love and step into the world anew.

We are communal.  We need a community in order to survive.  Too long have we competed with one another.  It is time for us to let go of petty differences and feelings of lack.  We must embrace our sisters and support one another in this awakening.  Our village, our culture, our planet needs us now.  It’s time for us to awaken to bring the divine feminine back into the world to create balance once more.  Awaken, Sister!  Your time has come!  Join us in the evolution!



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