The Return of the Goddess

The Return of the Goddess
by Kelle Sparta

Women – join me channeling the Goddess and singing this song to the Divine Masculine.

I am the future – I am the song
I am the singer – come, sing along!
I am the mother, I am the wife
I am the balance, the way out of strife

I am the love, I am the world
I am the woman, I am the girl
Love me, my darling, and hold me dear
Honor my heart, and the way is clear

I am your savior, I am your love
I am the answer to the prayers from above
Come, let me hold you, come let me be
All that you need is inside of me.

Come, lie you down, into my embrace
Come let me wipe the tears from your face
Come, love, let me hold you, forever in light
Come let me love you, long into the night

Hold me, possess me in sacred union
Love me, caress me, I take you within
And birth you out into the divine
All this is yours – when you are mine.

Bring me your sorrow, bring me your pain
Bring me your tears, I’ll love you again
Fall as far as you can – let yourself go
I’m there to catch you – I wait below.

My strength is your salvation divine
Your heart and mine forever entwined
My love, lift me up – honor my worth
I am the woman who gave to you birth

Engage me, embrace me, welcome me in
I didn’t create original sin
I am the goddess, my love never falters
Whose temples were burned along with her altars

My only transgression was loving too much
Banished to keep you away from my touch
But my love has endured through all the pain
I’m here, if you’ll have me, I’ll love you again.

Let me in, Love, Let me in.



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