Most Women Are Like A Rose Bush In Winter

Thanks to WonderGirl for the Image

Most women today live our lives like a rose bush in winter.  We have given all of our love and energy out into the world and have forgotten how to receive.  And so we sit, tired, barren and feeling ugly – a shade of what we once were.

When we remember to open – to allow others to give to us, do for us, care for us – when we remember to receive all the gifts that surround us, we find Spring.  We sprout leaves and we begin to bud new flowers.

But it is not until we are full up with receiving and are sending our gifts back out into the world that we have the chance to come to full fruition.  It is when we are once more giving out into the world from a place of fullness and our gifts are being fully received in return, this is when we Blossom!


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