Chaos and Change

Speaking as someone who lives in the chaos of constant change, I look at chaos differently than most.  I see it as the underpinnings of our world – the undifferentiated energy that is the building blocks of reality.  And, yes, I do go and visit that pure chaos space – likely more often than most would guess.

In my youth, I tried to control the chaos that I engaged.  At first this was like pushing the tides and I got smashed against the shoreline on a regular basis.  Then I tried to surf the chaotic tides only to discover that this is a recipe for excitement with the occasional wipeout.  It was very dramatic and more than a little scary.

I prefer these days to bob up and down in the waves and let the currents take me where they will.  And, when the time is right and the waves just so, I scoop myself out of the chaos, taking a bit of that primordial ooze with me to form into my next adventure.  Just a small piece, mind you, for to take more is to invite disaster.  But a small amount is enough to move shorelines. And that is sufficient if you go diving often enough.


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