Clothe Yourself in Your Energy Intentions

(With thanks to a friend on a listserve who posted something about this recently.)

As a shaman, I spend a fair amount of time scanning the energy fields of my clients.  Your aura is the equivalent of your energetic clothing and it holds the energy of what is going on in your life – your issues and your intentions.  It gives me the information that I use to help my clients.

What if your clothes held a certain type of energy? What if you got to put that energy on in the morning and wear it all day? What if your clothes could support your intentions for the day, the week, or even your life in general? It would be like putting on a layer of support that would go with you all day.

What if, instead of choosing a color, you chose an emotion to wear? This way, every time you noticed your clothes during the day, you could be reminded about the emotion you’re wearing and let it in. What would it be like if you could wrap yourself in love or acceptance or forgiveness or energy or excitement or sex appeal every day? How would it impact the way you live your life?

Our clothes are more than body coverings, they are a reflection of our insides. What if we turned that reflection around and made the outside reflect into the inside?

Interesting thought isn’t it?

I work with my clients to make more conscious choices about the emotions that they wear day to day.  Do you think that if you could choose your emotions rather than them choosing you, that your life might improve – perhaps even dramatically?  I know that this is true – I’ve seen it with countless clients over the years.  Get your energy scan to find out how you can improve your life today.


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