March 16, 2010

Why We’re Here – Philosophy for a Tuesday Morning

Kelle Sparta

Exactly What Are We Here to Learn?
I have spent 30 years studying personal growth and development and I have heard one guru after another tell me that we are on earth to learn.  But it has never made sense to me.  I mean, after all, these same gurus say that we are small pieces of the “all that is” or “God” or however that particular person chooses to language it.  If that is true, then what could we possibly be here to learn?  Doesn’t God know everything?  And then, yesterday, as I was watching myself go through the process of making coffee – putting in the filter, then the coffee, then adding the water, I had a thought.

What If We’re In Physical Space to Learn How Creation Works?
If you are an all-powerful being whose every thought is made manifest immediately, wouldn’t you need to place some limitations on your abilities in order to see how they really play out – to slow them down so that you can understand the component parts that go into making up the whole?  If you truly wanted to understand your ultimate creative ability, what better place to do that than in physical space where, by definition, there is distance between thought and form?

Limited Remembering
But if you were to step into physical form, you would also need to forget – forget that you are all powerful.  Because stepping into physical form doesn’t mean stepping out of being part of God.  This has been proven over and over again by Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammed and countless other spiritual teachers.  They have shown that when we remember who we are in this physical form that we are just as powerfully creative as we have ever been.  So it is in the forgetting that we have the experiement.  It is in the forgetting that we can see the process.

Unconscious vs. Conscious Thought
And what has the human race learned over the millenia?  Well, we’ve learned that without conscious intention, that the unconscious and subconscious beliefs that we hold will rule us.  They will be made manifest in fashions that reinforce the original beliefs because those beliefs created them.  We have learned that when we buy into the limited thinking of the physical world, we get limited results.

The Law of Attraction
I believe that we are entering a new phase of the experiment – the conscious phase.  As more and more people are learning about the Law of Attraction through media like The Secret, we are bringing ourselves more into awareness, waking up a little as a people.  We are still ruled by our beliefs and assumptions.  We are still manifesting that which we most fear because we haven’t yet learned to stop fearing that which cannot truly hurt us.  But we are learning, just a little, to create more consciously.  We are remembering the power of our intentions.  We are getting an inkling of what we are capable of.

Choice Is Upon Us
And so, because of this fact, a choice is upon us.  What do we want to create our world to be?  Do we want commerce to be the center of our collective church as it is today?  Or perhaps, we want to choose differently.  I invite you today to think about what you would design the world to be.  Really think about it.  Below is the pyramid for Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  How will each of these needs be fulfilled in your vision?  Really step out of the box.  I’ll start you on the path.  Assume that money doesn’t exist.  Assume that there is no class system – that no one is better than anyone else.  Assume that our leaders are stewards of the good of the people rather than holders of power.  Then assume something else entirely.  This is your creation – I’m only whetting your whistle for the process. What will you choose for your reality?

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

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