Month: March 2010

When Change Happens and Overwhelm Sets In – Keep Moving

When stressful things happen, when breakdown occurs, and things go wrong we can find ourselves in a space where we feel like we just can’t take anymore. The overwhelm can be extreme and it can be hard to find a way to keep moving forward. But this is what we must do. Because you don’t want to stop in the places where things aren’t happy. You need to keep moving so that you can move out of those places and into new places where things are better.

Why We’re Here – Philosophy for a Tuesday Morning

I have spent 30 years studying personal growth and development and I have heard one guru after another tell me that we are on earth to learn. But it has never made sense to me. I mean, after all, these same gurus say that we are small pieces of the “all that is” or “God” or however that particular person chooses to language it. If that is true, then what could we possibly be here to learn? Doesn’t God know everything? And then, yesterday, as I was watching myself go through the process of making coffee – putting in the filter, then the coffee, then adding the water, I had a thought.