A World Powered By Kindness

Kindness as Currency
I just watched an Absolute Vodka commercial and while I don’t normally forward these types of things, I thought it was an interesting concept to explore today.  The premise of the video is that the currency of the world becomes kindness.  So you see people paying for their bus ride with a kiss on the driver’s forehead and getting credits at the bank for kisses on the cheeks of the tellers and checking out for their groceres by hugging the cashier.  Absurd?  A little.  But intriguing.

The thing that caught my attention most was the woman in the cab who put her hand up to the cab driver’s hand and spent a moment staring into his eyes.  She was just being present with him.  It brings me back to my last post about the gift of presence.

Imagine – I Wonder If You Can
While this commercial isn’t practical for a lot of reasons (what happens, for instance, when we experience scarcity?), it does bring me to wonder out loud if the world wouldn’t be an easier, happier place to live in if we took a moment to get outside of ourselves and be present with each person we interact with in our lives.

A Brotherhood of Man
Imagine how differently would you act  if you were fully present with each person in your world.  Would you speak differently to your children if you weren’t in a hurry to get to work?  Would you take a moment to kiss your spouse and look into their eyes for a moment before heading out the door?  Would you notice a little physical cue that the person who just walked into your office may be having a bad day?  Would you smile more, offer more hugs, breathe more, and feel less stress?  I think so.

Finding Peace
Especially during the holidays when we can be so frenetic, it’s important to take a moment to notice your surroundings, pay attention to the people around you, and spend some time just being present.  When you are not hurrying to the next appointment or worrying about the last one, there is a space of peace right in the middle that is available to us anytime.  Just stop for a minute and breathe.  Even if it means you have to go hide in the bathroom or take a walk without (gasp!) your cell phone – do it.

You and everyone around you will be happier for it.


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