Month: November 2009

The Present of Presence

On this Black Friday, I wanted to offer up a bit of perspective.

Gifts Are Not The Point Of The Season
We live in a commerical society. The holidays have been coopted from a time when we love and care for our fellow (wo)man to a time when we spend ourselves ragged and hope we can catch up next year. This year, I wanted to remind you that the gift are not the point of the season. Sure, our economy could use the boost of a good holiday purchase binge, but is it really going to offer you and yours happiness in the coming year? Or would having a bit of a financial cushion actually offer more peace of mind?

In Search of the Goddess/AntiChrist?

OK, now follow with me here. It is well-known that when a new religion takes over, it vilifies and makes evil the old religion. This is done as a way of converting people to the new belief and getting rid of the old. In Christianity, women are very often shown as being the bringers of evil or as being inherently evil. Lilith (Adam’s first wife) was thrown aside for asserting her power and was cast into the mythos as the Queen of the Demons. Eve was the cause of humanity’s fall from grace. Even Mary Magdalene, devotee and right hand of Christ was cast as a prostitute (a “fact” which has been challenged by reputed scholars). It seems clear that in the pulling away from the Goddess archetype in religion, women were cast in the role as evil.

Think People! Figure It Out! – A Macro Look at the World – Part III

What’s Wrong With The World Today?
The world is changing rapidly. The technologically, the last 100 years have seen more change than the last 1000 years before it. Mindsets within an established governmental structure are shifting faster than ever before in history. The ability to adapt has never been more important than in today’s world.

The Resurgence of Tribalism in America – A Macro look at the World – Part II

Tribalism – A Definition
First I want to begin with a definition of tribalism so that you have context for what I am talking about. I am not talking about “tribe” in the traditional idea of a small unit of people who live together, interbreed, and rely on one another for safety, sustenance and survival. What I mean by tribe in this context is the tendency of people to form into groups for specific purposes and to treat those groups as a type of “family-of-choice”. They do bear a resemblance to the traditional definition in that rely on one another for emotional support, sometimes they intertwine their financial lives, they might even interbreed or live together. Or they might not. Let’s look at the ways in which tribes are forming in America (and sometimes around the world) today.

Revisioning Business- A Macro Look At The World, Part I

I have been having many conversations with movers and shakers in the last couple of weeks. I’ve talked to internet marketers, corporate consultants, brokerage consultants and more and all agree on one thing: the way we’ve done business in the past is no longer the way we will do it in the future. This economic downturn combined with the next generation of workers having a wholly different set of values sets the stage for massive change in the way America does business.

On Being (Too) Big

When Will Judging Based on Weight Be “Un PC”?
I can’t wait until what is “politically correct” catches up for me. It’s not OK to judge people by their race, it’s almost not OK to judge people by their gender, but it seems that it’s still fair game to judge people by their weight. You’d be amazed at the judgments that people put out about me because of my weight.

Unhappy? Not!
They assume I’m unhappy and that I eat to make everything alright. That’s patently not true. I am in fact quite a happy person. Do I eat on the rare occassions that I am unhappy? Yep. But I eat at other times too.