Depression – The Silent Stalker

Depression is Running Rampant
I’ve been spending a fair amount of time out and about recently speaking with people.  And what I’m discovering is that quite a large number of people I know are experiencing depression.  Some for the first time in their lives, others are mistaking it for a health issue, still others are greeting an old friend come back to haunt them again.  It doesn’t seem to be splitting down any demographic or psychographic that I can identify and it varies from a low-grade dissatisfaction with the world to a full-blown can’t get out of bed or make any decisions attack.

Here are the signs of depression according to

“If you identify with several of the following signs and symptoms, and they just won’t go away, you may be suffering from clinical depression. [You may be surprised – if you’re a go-getter like me, you may be depressed and not even realize it.]

  • you can’t sleep or you sleep too much
  • you can’t concentrate or find that previously easy tasks are now difficult
  • you feel hopeless and helpless
  • you can’t control your negative thoughts, no matter how much you try
  • you have lost your appetite or you can’t stop eating
  • you are much more irritable and short-tempered than usual
  • you have thoughts that life is not worth living (Seek help immediately if this is the case)”

Get Aware
If you’re not feeling depressed, look around you.  Perhaps someone near you is.  Do you have any friends who have uncharacteristically stopped responding to your emails and calls?  Has anyone dropped off the planet recently?  Is there someone who keeps coming to mind that you keep forgetting to call?

Get In Touch
People suffering from deep depression are often beyond the ability to respond to your calls and emails.  They are often incapable of making headway on tasks or even getting out of the house.  Do not expect them to reach out to you for help.  You have to reach out to them.  I know you’re busy.  But this is important.  Look around you.  Who haven’t you heard from in a while.  Reach out to them.

License to Meddle
Go to their home and pick them up and take them outside.  Get them moving and if they are really bad off, get them help.  Don’t be afraid to call the police and tell them you are concerned for a friend’s life.  Don’t be afraid to make an appointment for a therapist with your friend and take them to it.  Don’t be afraid to meddle.  In this one case, I’ll encourage a little meddling because someone who is depressed CANNOT do these things for themselves.

Depression Kills
People who are depressed don’t take proper care of themselves.  If they are diabetic or have other health issues, this can result in some serious problems.  And those who suffer from more severe depression may actually consider doing harm to themselves or others.  If you take a moment to take stock and check in on those who have checked out, you are in a position to make a difference.  Who knows?  You may just save someone’s life in the process.


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