What’s Really Important In Life

I’ve spent the last few days working 12-13 hour work days trying to get everything finished for the updates on my products.  I’ve spent hours in front of the computer, gotten a lot done and felt completely drained at the end of it.

Then, today, as I’m finally coming up for air, I saw it.  A friend who had taken a break from our community posted to a listserve that she was needing some love.  She missed her friends and she needed some support.

Now I haven’t had time to check this list in some time.  I’ve just been too busy for the last few months.  It’s been critical factor things only.  But today I realized – this IS the critical factor stuff.  If I never type another blog post or write another book or update another product, that’s OK.  So long as I have the air in my lungs and the strength in my hands to be able to do what I did for her.

I picked up the phone and called.  And when the answering machine picked up, I sang to her.  There’s a little song that she and I alone share.  And that’s what makes it special.  That’s part of our connection – something she has with no one else.  We didn’t plan it that way, it just happened.  And every time we see each other, we sing this song together.  I haven’t heard from her in over a year.  And yet, when the time came for me to leave my message of support, this song came bursting forth from my lips onto her answering machine because I knew in my heart it was the gift that only I could give.   “Oh the wonderful thing about Tiggers is Tigger’s a wonderful thing…!”


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