Month: October 2009

Depression – The Silent Stalker

Depression is Running Rampant
I’ve been spending a fair amount of time out and about recently speaking with people. And what I’m discovering is that quite a large number of people I know are experiencing depression. Some for the first time in their lives, others are mistaking it for a health issue, still others are greeting an old friend come back to haunt them again. It doesn’t seem to be splitting down any demographic or psychographic that I can identify and it varies from a low-grade dissatisfaction with the world to a full-blown can’t get out of bed or make any decisions attack.

What’s Really Important In Life

I’ve spent the last few days working 12-13 hour work days trying to get everything finished for the updates on my products. I’ve spent hours in front of the computer, gotten a lot done and felt completely drained at the end of it.

Then, today, as I’m finally coming up for air, I saw it. A friend who had taken a break from our community posted to a listserve that she was needing some love. She missed her friends and she needed some support.

Practice Loving Strangers

It’s so much easier to love a stranger than it is to love those we know well. We can see the flaws that strangers have, but those flaws don’t impact us, don’t affect us or trigger us or challenge us. Those flaws, in a stranger, can be the beautiful things that make this person human and they can cause us to love them all the more. It doesn’t matter if a stranger receives our love or not. It doesn’t mean anything if they aren’t present enough with us to realize that we are loving them. We don’t expect anything in return from a stranger. We know that we are loving them purely because we are choosing to, with no agenda and no expectations attached.